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The Spookiest Haunted Houses in Utah

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here.

Feb 8 6 minutes read

October always seems to fly by, and we highly recommend squeezing a trip to a haunted house into your schedule. It's the perfect Halloween experience. But which haunted house is right for you? Which one will scare your pants off the fastest?

We've complied a list of the best Haunted Houses in Utah and all the experiences that come with your ticket. Because no Haunted House is created equal.


7980 State St, Google Rating 3.3/ 5 stars

Tickets are $23, or $33 for VIP skip the line if purchased online. Small fee for credit card charge if bought in person. Here’s a groupon for admission, and here’s a coupon for the Escape Room experience. 

What makes Castle of Chaos stand out from the rest: 

-Named "One of America's Scariest Haunted Attractions" by The Travel Channel!, Voted "One of America's Best Haunted Houses" by USA Today in 2015

-They offer “Four Levels of Fear” which allows you and your group to choose how much you want to be scared. If you want to participate in levels three and four you must sign a waiver and be filmed agreeing to terms and conditions agreeing to “Hands on Horror”. This means the actors (who are trained professionals) can appropriately grab and touch you. If you choose to do level four the actors can grab, pull, and even blind fold you! Perfect for those who want an intense experience. But if you’re really brave, you can kick things up a notch from here. Castle of Chaos offers an escape room experience, where your group has an hour to escape from a serial killer. If you want to run into me, you’ll find me in level one. 


320 1300 S, Google rating 4.1/ 5 stars

Tickets are $25 for general admission, $40 to get VIP and skip the line. Group rates are also offered. Buy discounted tickets here.

What makes Nightmare on13th stand out from the rest: 

-Named one of the industry’s most successful haunted attractions (Haunted Attraction Magazine), one of America’s scariest attractions (The Travel Channel), and one of America’s best haunted houses (USA Today).

- Every year they have a spooky theme for the house, and they never repeat them. This year? Phantasms! Their size tells a story, “You have seen and felt them, those shadows which move, the feeling that you are not alone. They feed on your fears… specters, ghosts, apparitions…. PHANTASMS. They sense the fear that emanates from the Nightmare on 13th and have come to feast.  You can encounter these Phantasms anywhere: while you are in an abandoned mansion, strolling the streets of the city, or even in our paranormal research facility. Do you have what it takes to face these Phantasms or are you going to continue to hide from your fears?” Sounds spooky to me!

- They are also legendary for their photos. A photo of you with a character and background from their theme is taken at the beginning and you can find your group photo for free online. Something to cherish and post on your instagram.


666 W 800 S, 4.2/5 stars Google rating 

**Fear Factory is located in the heart of Salt Lake City’s industrial district at 666 W. & 800 S. A parking lot with a limited number of stalls is open at the haunt for guest use. Parking is also available along 700 W. Avoid parking under the nearby overpasses or along existing bike lanes.  You can park at the Gateway mall and ride the free Zombie Bus to the factory.

General admission is $25, pay $35 to get a fear combo pass and enjoy a zipline, fear fall, or virtual reality experience at the end. (Regularly $15 alone). Get a group deal here

What makes Fear Factory stand out from the rest: 

-They claim to be TRULY haunted. Their website tells a story of an abandoned cement factory, aka the Portland Cement Works was constantly experiencing “accidents”. Workers become victims in an instant, and were crushed and their bodies were spit out by machinery. Think about that as you’re walking through…Keep in mind it’s located at 666 West.

-The extras offered are pretty cool. The zipline experience will give you a rush to make your heart race even more after the haunted house. You can also experience a terrifying free fall, or should I say fear fall? The virtual reality is new in 2016, so go be one of the first to try! 

-Do you want to experience an extra “Touch of Fear”?  For $3 actors can touch you to add to the haunted experience. 


632 E 1500 S, 3,8/5 stars Google rating

General admission is $23 online, and skip the line for $35. The Zombie hunt is $12, and doing the hunt and circus is on sale for $32.

What makes Strangling Brothers Circus stand out from the rest:

-The main is attraction is a circus that is haunted. Pretty easy to figure out right? But you can also participate in a Zombie Hunt! This includes gear, a paint gun, and a mission to get out alive. Shoot zombies left and right and see if you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse. Does zombie hunting sound like a piece of cake to you? Challenge your group of friends to take on the “Eskape” experience. See if you guys can get out of a trailer in under 10 minutes by solving puzzles, riddles, and unlock the Clown Storage.. Where someone awaits you..

- How did the haunted Circus come to be? This video will tell you everything.

The Story of Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

The Story of Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus...

Read More


Now you have a taste of what to expect from the different haunted houses Utah has to offer. No matter which one you choose, I have a feeling you'll be scared. 

Happy October!

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