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The Best of Sundance 2017

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here.

Feb 8 4 minutes read

We gave you a preview last week, and now we’re giving you an update! 

Let’s start with that weather. Now until Sunday, it’s not looking too warm. As it continues to snow be sure to practice caution when driving, and be sure to dress appropriately! Pro tip? Put hand warmers in your gloves! Drink all the hot beverages, and layer up!

Seeing celebrities is another fun part of Sundance. Here’s some we’ll be watching for!

Elizabeth Olsen

Sister to the infamous Olsen twins, Elizabeth Olsen is making a splash at Sundance this year as she stars alongside Aubrey Plaza in Ingrid Goes West, a film based on technology and social media popularity. She plays a character in this modern day film that’s sure to change the way you use your phone. She doesn’t stop there, as she plays a young FBI agent in thriller mystery Wind River. Mary Kate and Ashley who? Make sure to see her work, and tell her hello if you see her! 

Samira Wiley and Jon Hamm

Actress from popular Netflix series, Orange is The New Black was seen celebrating her engagement with fiance Lauren Morelli in Park City. Here she’s pictured with actor Jon Hamm, who is out and about during Sundance to promote a film he stars in, Marjorie Prime. Hamm plays Walter, a father in law to main character, who visits him from the dead. 

John Legend

John Legend plays executive producer for series Underground, a drama that tells the story of slaves in Georgia as they attempt to escape through the Underground Railroad. He came to Sundance to discuss Season 2 of the popular show. Read more about the plot here, and be sure to keep your eye out for him! 

Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron, and Mary McCormack led a massive women’s march on Saturday the 21st, and were also seen relaxing and having fun while enjoying the rest of the festival.

Movies to see: 

The Big Sick 

Directed by Michael Showalter

The Big Sick is a film based on real life married couple Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, and tells the story of how they met, fell in love, and suffered as Emily acquired an illness that sent her into a coma. Constant laughter and heartache are promised in this quirky film as they experience life together. Look out for stars Ray Romano and Zoe Kazan, some of our favorite actors! Can’t see it for Sundance? Good news- you can catch it in theaters this year!


Directed by Dee Rees

Mudbound  is a film that gives you a taste of post-slavery life in the United States. It’s full of perspectives and experiences from different kind of people and families and has a star studded cast like Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, and Jason Mitchell. This one will be in theaters too! 

Come Swim

Directed by Kristen Stewart

See Kristen Stewart's debut as a director, in a movie that shows the emotional pain and turmoil going on inside a young mans mind. 

Remember you have now until Sunday the 29th to enjoy everyone’s favorite film festival!

Photos, celebrity sources and reviews from Refinery 29, Vanity Fair, Thrillist, and Yahoo.

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