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The Best Humans of Salt Lake City

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

If you haven’t heard of Humans of New York, you’re missing out.

photo from the

Photographer Brandon Stanton has a knack for capturing true character. He gets a shot of a New Yorker, along with a quote the person said to him about their life. The photos and stories go together perfectly, and they are so addicting to read. It’s crazy that hearing one little snippet from someone else's life can completely change yours.

Cheesy, sure! But totally true.

Since starting his page, Stanton has also traveled all over the world to feature other humans,and has also covered the refugee crisis. Check out his work here, we promise you won’t be ableto stop reading! You can also buy his book here, if you want to really experience the humans of New York. 

It’s a perfect coffee table book, guests will love visiting your place because they get to enjoy personal and inspirational stories. Now you don’t have to entertain them!

Luckily, Mike Angelieri thought the humans of Salt Lake City deserved a taste of the limelight. When we discovered Humans of Salt Lake City, we were so excited. Sure we love the parks, restaurants, music scene, and activities of our city. 

But the best part of Salt Lake?

The people.

Enjoy our 5 favorite features from the Humans of Salt Lake City Facebook page! 

“We were married for fifteen years and got divorced thirty-nine years ago. We got back together three or four weeks ago. It's unbelievable how well we get along. I was married for thirty-seven years to another woman until she died. When this sweet lady and I ran into each other, the first day, I didn't think too much of her, but the second day, I got to thinking, 'I really do love her,' and the rest is history. To make things even sweeter, our children are glad we're back together, too.”

From April 2016

“This is my grandson, Dakota. He's nine years old and he has autism with about five other mental conditions. He's a very good and smart kid. He writes his own songs and stories...he makes up music on his keyboard and he sings and plays Thomas the Train songs. We're here at the Utah Kids Foundation's Trunk or Treat and Dakota is handing out treats. The Utah Kids Foundation helps disabled kids and their families with getting medical supplies from one end of the state to the other. A lot of people donate those supplies. Sometimes, parents have extra medical supplies to donate as well. We're here to support and strengthen those families."


From October 2015

"I'm from Vietnam...I was in school in Texas and got a job at a local bank here and I'm applying for grad school. I'm studying finance and accounting. In Asia, there's an explosion of growth in that industry and there are a lot of highly skilled young people there and I hope to help create opportunities for them, like a lending club. There's not much of a Vietnamese-American community here, but I'd like people here to know that we're very open, very friendly and highly skilled, and we bring diversity to let's be friends!”


From September 2015

“I'm originally from folks moved us out here for a home-building company called Hamlet Homes. Salt Lake City is one of the friendliest places I've ever been to and I absolutely love it!"

         From June 2015

“I'm their nanny...I love the things they say. This morning, Elizabeth asked me, 'Why aren't monkey bars made out of lollipops?''


From June 2015

If you keep hanging out in the streets of Salt Lake, who knows? Mike might find you! What would you say if you were going to be a featured Human of Salt Lake City?

*Pictures courtesy of Humans of Salt Lake City

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