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Take Flight at the Leonardo

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

The Leonardo is loved and enjoyed by all who enter. This museum is hip and trendy with a clean and bright atmosphere, and it's full of activities to enjoy! The prices are low, and the staff always friendly. This educational hot spot is located at 209 East and 500 South, open everyday 10am to 5pm, Friday until 10pm. Street meter parking is available around the museum, pay for parking underground at Library Square, or enjoy free two hour parking in the surrounding residential neighborhoods on the weekends.  

If you’re not a museum person, I’m about to change that. Whether you’re bored by art, or would rather relax and watch a movie, I promise you’re missing out by not checking out the Leonardo! BYU writes a convincing article here. They point out that looking at artwork you love actually releases dopamine, so your hormones will be happy! Happy hormones often lead to inspiration and positivity. Worried you won’t find art you love? Stop it, because the Leonardo has variety and art for all! They also talk about how important experiences are in the human experience. Simply getting out of the house and experiencing new things is enough to make your day ten times more exciting. Sounds like a recipe for happiness to me!

Can’t find a friend to go? Who cares, museum visits solo are awesome! Enjoy the freedom of being able to leave whenever you want, not worrying about making someone late or waiting on someone who’s late. Walk through the museum leisurely at your own pace. If you see something you love, spend 10 minutes looking at just that! Not intrigued by a certain exhibit? Skip it! (Except don’t do that, give every exhibit a chance you never know what might surprise you!) Leave whenever you want, stay as long as you want. End your visit with a cozy coffee from the Museums “Salt Bistro”, a cafe located inside. Caffeine is ALWAYS inspiring!

Okay, okay, now onto the exciting new exhibit. The Flight Exhibit came out August 6th, and is extremely exciting. Even if you have never had an interested in flying, you’ll love learning about the job during this interactive exhibit! Enjoy lifelike flight simulators and learn the differences between the different types of flight. Even take a peek into the future by learning about how flying is going to advance and what to expect as time goes on. 

Don’t miss out on a stroll through the Tunnel of Dreams, and experience a trip inside the brilliant brains of inventors and dreamers. On your way out you will see what it was like to experience the very first landing on the moon by Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. You can also check out a fully restored C-131 Aircraft in the flesh! Admire it in it’s glory, knowing it has flown many missions and taken many army generals to their important destinations. 

General Admissions for adults are $12.95, children 3-12 are $8.95, children under 3 are free. If you serve in the military or are a student, bring your ID and get in for $9.95! This exhibit is included with general admissions, which is absolutely amazing because many grand exhibits like this often make a dent in your wallet. Instead make a dent in your noggin, and enjoy the wonderful learning experience at the Leonardo!

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