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Ride a GREENbike Around the City

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Looking for a fun way to explore Salt Lake City? Or a way to get around town besides using your car? We all know parking in downtown can be a pain.

Enter GREENbike. They’ve actually been around since 2013, but it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. Or should we say… it’s not too late to jump on the bike! 

Don’t let my cheesy pun scare you, because these bikes are seriously awesome. The process is simple. Purchase a bike at one of their many stations. If you’re paying at the station, you can buy a 24 hour pass. (You must have a credit card) If you pay online you can purchase a four day pass or an annual pass. When paying at the station, things are easy. Simply press “start”, and follow the rest of the instructions. When you choose a bike to rent, it will beep until you pull it out of it’s lot.

By the way, the first three hundred people to buy or renew their annual membership for only $75 will get a free helmet. And it’s pretty cool. All you have to do is enter “helmet” at checkout. Check out the sweet deal here

When choosing a bike, you can choose your basket size, and all the seats are adjustable. The baskets will fit anything from a briefcase, takeout, or groceries. Bikes also include a safety cable, making it perfect for running errands. 

For important safety purposes, they offer a guide in inspecting the bike you’ll be riding, here. Safety first! You definitely want to check the brake levers on the handlebars, make sure they are smooth and stop the wheels when turning. Make sure the wheels are full of air and firm. Always check that the bell works, because not only is it fun to ding, but it can also be a way of warning other pedestrians you are about to pass. Another way to make sure pedestrians and cars are aware of you is by checking your front and rear lights. Just spin the front wheel, and they should both light up. You also want to make sure you follow all local bicycle laws. Make sure you are using hand signals correctly, you’re riding single file if biking with friends, and you’re on the correct side of the road.

Now for the fun part, ride on! Here’s a map of all the GREENbike stations all over the city. 

Are you about to indulge in a yummy meal? Enjoy every bite of your carbs, fat, and sugar filled dinner by biking to and from the restaurant! You won’t have to pay for a driving service, and you won’t have to worry about parking. Ride off the calories, and save money and time?! 

Sign us up! 

Returning the bike is the easiest part. Simply find a GREENbike station, slide your bike in an open slot, wait for three flashes of green light and three beeps. Once you’ve done that, consider your bike returned. 

Download their app to have easy access to bike availability. 

We’re going to go plan a fun day in the city, minus our cars. Where would you go?

(Photos from the GREENbike website)

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