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Quick and Easy Super Bowl Eats

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here.

Feb 8 3 minutes read

Expectations are high for the players, the companies, and most importantly anyone providing the food. If you’re charge of bringing a Super Bowl dish and don’t want to disappoint, we’ve found every recipe guaranteed to impress without the stress.

Our easiest suggestion is possibly the cutest too. By simply purchasing a football shaped cookie cutter, you can transform your regular brownies in seconds. All you have to do is complete the look with white frosting! We love a good Betty Crocker batch of brownies.

Image from Betty Crocker

This cheeseball by Peas and Crayons Blog looked so good, I made a round shaped one during the holidays to try it out. Despite looking fancy, it was incredibly easy! It takes 15 minutes to make, so why not try it out?

We all like spoon eating the cookie dough better than the actual cookie right? And as far as treats go, I’m interested in anything that’s covered in chocolate. These are perfect. Not only are these cookie dough bites adorable, but there’s helpful photos and even a video that show you how to make these right. Get the recipe from Life, Love and Sugar Blog!

This isn’t our way of publicly rooting for The Patriots, this would be just as easy to do with The Falcons! All you need is rolos, pretzels, m&m’s and a team to root for. Idea from Two Sisters Crafting.

We love the “Tasty” cooking videos Buzzfeed has created! Not only does every recipe look delicious, but you can see how it’s done so you’re never confused in the process. They’re captivating, helpful, and really inspire you to get cookin’! Here’s some to use this Sunday.

Popcorn! A good batch has to be crunchy and full of flavor. While simple butter, caramel, or candy tastes amazing on popcorn, we can’t stop munching on store bought gourmet popcorn. You heard me, store bought! It tastes just as fresh, and all you have to do is pour it in a bowl. The flavors are so unique and delicious, everyone will be reaching to try. Our favorite brand is Pop Art. It’s available at most grocery stores, locations on their site. My favorite is Rosemary Truffle!

Eat everything and have a fun time everyone! Catch the big game at 4:30pm Mountain Time on Fox.

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