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How to Vacation by Staying in Salt Lake City

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

Feb 8 5 minutes read

First of all, let us convince you why you need a vacation. (If you’re crazy enough to think you don’t.) We know our readers are hard workers.

(Chandler understands-via giphy)

According to the Huffington Post, 40% of Americans don’t take vacations. Are you one of those people? Not cool. Think about athletes. Although they spend hours a day working out, and they are always working hard, they always take breaks because their bodies need to recover. No matter what kind of work we do, we need to recover. Emotionally, physically, and mentally! 

Studies actually show that when we relax, our brains start to focus better. So your brain will start performing better! If you’re struggling to remember a new system at work, a vacation could be the perfect thing to get your noggin’ movin’! A happy brain is a productive brain. You can better solve problems after proper relaxation, you will see things in a new light, and you will feel energized to tackle anything. 

Now that you’re convinced you deserve this staycation, enjoy the weekend we have planned for you. 

Our favorite place to stay in Salt Lake City is definitely The Grand America. Considering you aren’t paying for a plane ticket or a couple tanks of gas for a road trip, you deserve to stay in a 5 star hotel. 

We recommend you start your weekend at the Salt Lake City Public Library, located at 210 East 400 South. The library is walking distance from the hotel, and it is absolutely beautiful. Before you enjoy the giant selection of books, you need some caffeine, right?

Enjoy the one and only Hemingway Cafe. This place is European inspired, healthy, and affordable. They are 100% non GMO, they don’t use any artificial colors or flavoring, and they even have vegan options. They have delicious pastries and  wholesome breakfast choices. But you can totally opt for a hot dog and chips, there’s something for everyone. Although we don’t recommend having a hot dog for breakfast…. 

Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the library. But that won’t be hard, look at this place! 

Photo from yelp

There’s five floors for you to enjoy, and a wide arrangement of books, magazines, and DVD’s. There’s even areas for your kiddos, if they’re enjoying the weekend with you. Kids need vacation too! Nap time is stressful, right? The library has themed areas and iPads with activities, so don’t hesitate to take your time picking out a new read for the weekend. Here’s a great list of book suggestions we’ve found for you. 

Why do you need a new book to read this weekend?

Well, we saved you a spot at the Grand America’s pool. You’re welcome!

Everybody spends their Saturday nights differently. But we recommend keeping things semi-mellow. (We have exciting plans tomorrow) Finish that book you checked out, or head for a drink and appetizer at Whiskey Street, one of Salt Lake City’s most popular bars. It also happens to be very close to the hotel. Check it out at 323 S Main St. Order the bacon bourbon caramel popcorn, and thank us later. 

Now for our exciting Sunday plans.  

Get your fancy pants on, because we’re having afternoon tea at the hotel. This alone is a reason to love the Grand America! Head on over to the lobby lounge between 1-3:30pm. They have a delicious English inspired menu, check it out by clicking here!

Don’t you feel more relaxed just reading this? Check out availability at the Grand America here. Don’t forget to swing by the Salt Lake City Public Library on your way home to return your book. Then make sure you recommend any great reads to us!

No matter how you vacation, remember that you deserve it.

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