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Enjoy Authentic Belgian Cuisine Here in SLC

Chloe Bruderer

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

I'm a Utah girl in love with Salt Lake City and everything going on here...

Feb 8 5 minutes read

Would you put cheese on your waffle?

I never thought I would.

I found myself at Bruges Waffles and Frites last weekend with some friends. I was a first timer, and heard wonderful things about the place. Hey, they’re even rated #21 of top restaurants in Utah on Trip Advisor, out of a thousand plus ratings……..

I mean they serve waffles and fries, so how could it not be delicious? And isn’t Belgium known for making the best food?

Joseph H. on Trip Advisor claims, “Lived in Belgium for six years. This place is by far the best we have eaten at in the US that has truly authentic Belgian Frites and waffles.”

How have they managed to make their food so authentic? Well, because the owners are from Belgium! They were so successful serving Utahns the magic waffles and fries, they even brought their family from Belgium to Utah, just to make waffles and fries. How nice of them to bring their family and their cuisine to Salt Lake City!

Pierre Vandamme was born and raised in Brugge (Bruges), Belgium. In March 2004, after living in Salt Lake City for 10 years, Pierre and fellow Belgian Philippe Wyffels adapted an old family recipe for the Liège waffle and started a waffle business selling waffles on Main Street in Salt Lake City from a vending cart. The same year they operated the cart at the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market and some local summer events.

They’re most popular item is their “Liege Waffle”. It’s the perfect waffle because it’s crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet soft and light in the inside. Trust me, I had a bite (or five), of my friends order which included caramelized apples and vanilla bean ice cream. Not into apple pie? The other toppings you can choose from include: banana, Belgian chocolate sauce, berry mix, blueberries, crème fraîche, crunchy speculoos spread, raspberries, speculoos (biscoff) ice cream, and strawberries. If you’re an extreme chocoholic, try their “Torpedo Waffle”, which is a Liege Waffle stuffed with bars of Belgium chocolate.

I repeat, a waffle stuffed with Belgian chocolate. 

Despite being a whipped cream, strawberry, and ice cream lover, I wasn’t in the mood for something sweet. And fries didn’t sound satisfying. I just wanted a sandwich! When I looked up at the menu, I was shocked to see that they used waffles to make sandwiches. Should I really eat turkey, cheese, and avocado on a waffle?

Well yes, I should. The kind and helpful staff explained that these waffles are made savory, making them the perfect carb to hold your sandwich together.

I ordered the “Waffle Sandwich Club”, which is savory waffles stuffed with turkey, ham, swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce, brasil sauce.

Photo from instagram (@utahgrubs)

If you’re in the mood for a burger and fries, they can help you out. Or you could enjoy a Freakandel! What the freak is a freakandel? It’s basically a Belgian mince-meat hot dog. I think the most exciting thing about ordering one of these items, is getting to pick out a homemade dipping sauce. (Or a pouring sauce, if you like to smother your food in sauce like I do). Choose between a mayonnaise, aioli, greens, lemon pepper dill, zensation, brasil, fry sauce, curry, zango, andalouse, samurai, and afterburner. My personal favorite? Lemon pepper zill or brasil. 

Want to try the fries AND a freakandel? Order the “Machine Gun Sandwich” to get both stuffed in between two pieces of fresh baguette, smothered with andalouse sauce. Yes please! 

Looking for another breakfast option? Try their omelettes. Next time I visit I’m already planning on ordering the “Luke”. It’s two savory waffles stuffed with omelette, Provolone, grilled pepper, caramelized onion, choice of meat: freakandel or merguez or chicken-apple sausage.

Their website is also fun to explore. They offer history of the Liège Waffle, and the Belgian Frites so when you’re dipping your fries into a homemade Belgian sauce, you’re thinking of Belgiums history, too. 

Okay, we can hear your stomach growling from here. Check out their Sugarhouse, Downtown SLC, Draper, or Provo locations and think of us as you devour your Belgian cuisine. 

Oh by the way, they also serve ice cream. 

You’re welcome and happy eating, friends!

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