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7 Tips For Selling Your Home in January

Many sellers treat winter like some northern animals – they hibernate and wait for spring. And while there are also likely to be fewer buyers in the cold winter months, one advantage winter sellers have is there is less competition. If you plan on keeping your home on the market throughout the winter, we have compiled a list of ways you can make your home stand out through the cold and snowy winter months.

1. Shovel & Salt Often

Keeping the sidewalk, driveways, and front steps free of snow and ice is key if you want prospective buyers to be able to get inside the home easily. Plus, it helps make your house look well-maintained, much like mowing the lawn in the summer. If you're not living in the home, or not home enough to keep on top of the snow, hire a service to salt and shovel the driveway and walkways. You can view a few of the best snow removal companies here.

2. Keep it Warm

Part of making a home inviting to an interested buyer involves making it feel warm and cozy. You don't want those looking at your home shivering as they walk around inside. Set the thermostat higher if you know people are coming to look at the home, and if you'll be there during the showing, set a fire in the fireplace.

3. Maximize Light

Light is important, especially during the time of the year when daylight hours are shorter. Open the shades wide and let in as much sunlight as you can, and avoid nighttime showings if you can. Also make sure all the light fixtures are clean, and use bulbs with the highest wattage they can safely handle. Turn on lights whenever you show the home to make it shine.

4. Have Clean Windows

Unkempt and dirty windows can turn off buyers before they even enter a house, and a strong southern light in the winter can reveal grime that otherwise wouldn't be as noticeable. Make the the windows are squeaky clean and improve a potential buyer's first impression.

5. Make it Look Comfortable

Keeping with the theme of making your house feel like a home, small touches – like a throw blanket or afghan on a sofa and a large folded-over comforter on a bed – can add to the sense of warmth inside a home. Make the buyers see themselves comfortably living in the home. We found the perfect throw for any couch, view it here.

6. Keep an Inviting Aroma

The one sense of the human body that sellers may neglect the most is the sense of smell. Make your home pleasing to the nose. Some scents to try are cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, and vanilla. But don't overdo it with scented candles and incense everywhere – you don't want buyers to think you're trying to mask something. If your home suffers from musty odors and pet smells, clean those areas thoroughly and replace or clean rugs and fabrics that may hold those bad smells. We found some good smelling, as well as stylish candles, see them here.

7. Use Winter to Your Advantage

Some homes can use winter can be a selling point. Is your house near a popular ski area? Do you have winter views of water or mountains that are obscured during the summer? Is there a great sledding hill down the street? People want to hear about the winter perks they will enjoy living in your home.  

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