I repeat, 82 DEGREES! Summer is making an appearance this weekend, and the great outdoors are just begging to be enjoyed. But you don’t have to pull out the tent and sleeping bags just yet. Enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying art, local food and drinks, and local businesses in the area. The charming corner of 9th and 9th in Salt Lake City is hosting an art walk today, May 13, at 6pm until 9pm. (check out their facebook page here)

Here’s some information about the featured businesses.

First up on the list is Contender Bicycles. Owners Alison and Ryan Littlefield are two bikers who give their heart and soul into their shop. They cater to men, women, and have every kind of bike you will ever need. If you hang out around the shop you might run into their mutts, Leo and Ernie! Check out more at their website here.

Apartment 202 is next. This chic shop has been open since 2007, and their mission is to bring unique clothes to Salt Lake City. Owner Ashley Rothwell-Campagna grew up in the area and loves to help style her customers. I bet she’d love to help you pick out an outfit for Saturday night. Follow them on instagram for more inspiration! 

You’re definitely going to have fun in Hob Nob. This quirky vintage shop is full of antique pieces that are sure to enhance your home. Just looking around will enhance your evening! They also have modernized refurbished pieces if that’s your style. They have a lot of expensive investments for your home, but also a lot of fun random trinkets. They’re not only affordable, but they could be the perfect touch that your home is begging for! 

The Stockist is one of the coolest clothing stores in the state. They are a lifestyle based store for men and women, and their mission is to provide quality items that you can use everyday. They were originally operating under the name “Fresh”, but they made some changes and improvements in 2014. If you like what you see, you can always shop online. Check out their website to see get a sneak preview of what you’ll see, view their sizing chart, and more.

If you’re looking for a new way to exercise, you’re going to love visiting 9th and 9th Pilates. Every time I have visited, the staff has been kind, helpful, and inviting. They offer a wide variety of classes that come with passionate instructors. They’re mission is to create a space that makes you feel loved, and encourages you to be inspired to live your everyday life the best you can. They say their DNA is made up of love. This sounds like a place you want to work out at, right?!

You can also enjoy some amazing food at the 9th and 9th walk. Enjoy food from Cafe Trio, Mazza, Pago, Publik, and Great Harvest. You can also enjoy art on display from local artists! Sounds like a fun night full of shopping, food, art, and sunshine. Thanks for the sunny weekend, Mother Nature. 

See you there!